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Microsoft, VM Ware & Google certified Systems Administrator with 9 years’ experience in managing server infrastructures and data-center operations across Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development and systems/network optimization. Skilled problem identifier and troubleshooter comfortable managing systems, projects and teams in a range of IT environments.

I've Got Some skills.

  • 95%
    Data centre Management
  • 85%
    Virtualization, Storage & Recovery
  • 75%
    Web Design & Development
  • 90%
    Cyber Security
  • 99%
    Desktop Support
  • 90%
    Network Analysis

My Work Experience.

Nov 2016 - Present

Shipping & Logistics

Senior System Administrator

Responsible for effective provisioning, IT operation of Corporate infrastructure. Handling team of junior engineers across the global offices and assisting them to complete the daily routine tasks. Training the vessel crew staffs on cyber security grevences and Plenty.

Jan 2013 - Mar 2015

IT Service Provider

Onsite IT Support Engineer

As IT Engineer, overall responsibilities include participating in the day-to-day maintenance of the computer such as hardware support, software support, troubleshooting, and checking the quality of network transmissions.

March 2015 - Nov 2016

Banking & Finance

IT Security Analyst

Administering network security technologies (ACLs, firewalls, and IDS solutions). High Level User ID Management on Windows, Linux, Unix Platforms, SQL and Oracle database. Ensuring the daily operation of all Server, Network Equipment and Network Services.

July 2009 - Dec 2012

Telecom & Communication

Technical Support

Monitored the overall network infrastructure of an organization. Continuously plan, design, and evaluate to ensure network performance is not compromised. Primarily to maintain the network through keeping a close eye on the network performance as well as manages issues through routine troubleshooting.

How i shaped myself to be a successfull IT Specialist !!!

1. Being an Administrator

The primary goal of being a system administrator is to be as lazy as possible. Not lazy in the sense that you do no work, but lazy in the sense that you get the computer to do the hard and repetitive jobs, and you do the thinking jobs.

The next goal of system administration is customer satisfaction or user satisfaction if you are working for an Corporate. While "having a warm and fuzzy feeling" is a laudable goal, we want to fulfill measurable goals. Measuring things like server availability, time to problem resolution, network availability and error rates will help to measure satisfaction.

2. Resolving problems and troubleshooting

A large part of a sys admins job involves troubleshooting and problem solving. Many problems are user driven, and different users have different levels of competency and understanding of technology. Users are often frustrated over the problem, and sometimes need to vent. But the user is often the best source of information on the cause of an issue.

While there isn't a simple guide to every situation, there are a few steps which can help.

• Isolate the problem as much as possible.
• Look for recent changes.
• Check all of the obvious things (cables plugged in and so on).
• Ensure each piece of equipment is working before moving on to the next.
NOTE: Don't make assumptions.
• Develop detailed specific information to communicate to specialized troubleshooters brought to assist with specific repairs or system augmentations.

3. Planning and Routines

Establish a routine and try to stick to it. If you schedule deliveries of new computer equipment only on Tuesday, then you don't have to worry about matching equipment to orders while trying to get the mail server that failed over the weekend back up.

Estimate how long tasks will take and measure how long they actually do. (Document them both in terms of "hours of actual work" and "clock time". It might take only 20 minutes to get a new machine set up in terms of "actual work", but it may take the better part of a day for all of the hardware and software to get installed.)

4. Documentation

In real estate, it's location location location. In system administration, it's most important to create a documentation trail so you know what was done, when, and by whom. This can be something as simple as short log entries (date-time/username/action), or formal guides. It is especially critical when you are debugging or doing emergency troubleshooting to keep these entries, as changes can affect security, stability or availability of resources.

The best system is one that collects configuration changes made into a central location. Often a version tracking tool, such as CVS or SVN can be used to accomplish this, with the added benefit that you get automatic backups of any such configuration.

What People Say.

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You are a great asset to our team; you are focused on assigned work. I really appreciate is about your passionate on work, team support & flexibility.

IT Manager
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It has been a pleasure to see how siddique develops and fits in international culture.

Chief Financial Officer
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As we took quick survey with client on your performance and so far they are happy with your service..Good job Siddique

Managing Director

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